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  1. Apple Frangipane Tart with 
Grand Marnier Glaze
  2. Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie
  3. Lazy Strawberry & Cream Pie
  4. Brandied Cherry Pie
  5. Bananas Foster Double Cream Pie
  6. Passionfruit Raspberry Tart
  7. Dark Chocolate Tart with Earl Grey Caramel
    Sold Out
  8. Quiche Sardou
  9. Strawberry Frangipane Tart
  10. 1 Dozen 2-inch Dark Chocolate Tarts with Earl Grey Caramel
  11. 1 Dozen  2-inch Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pies
  12. Crawfish Boil Pot Pie
    Sold Out
  13. 1 Dozen 2-inch Brandied Cherry Pies
  14. GLUTEN-FREE Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie
  15. Classic Chocolate Cream Pie
  16. 1 Dozen  2-inch Classic Chocolate Cream Pies
  17. Crawfish Boil Hand Pies
  18. 1 Dozen  2-inch Bananas Foster Double Cream Pies
  19. 1 Dozen  2-inch Lazy Strawberry Cream Pies

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