Do you ship pies?

Unfortunately, we do not ship pies. Our pies are just too delicate to make the trip across parish or state lines. All pies must be picked up from our bakery cafe at 4714 Freret St.

Do you make custom pies?

Sadly no. We know your Aunt Erma Jane’s Shoo Fly recipe was a hit during the Depression but we just can’t recreate it. Each Windowsill Pie is developed to have that perfect balance of the unexpected and the familiar. We offer a range of seasonal flavors to satisfy your every craving.

Do you make cakes?

No, our focus is pies. But Marielle enjoys the challenge of the perfectionist, anxiety-filled art of cake baking and decorating. When our brick and mortar bakery opens, keep your eye out for the current cake on the counter!

Can you write a message on a pie?

Sorry, but no. A pie is just not the “write” setting for a message.

Do you make gluten-free pies?

We make a GF Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie. However, that will never be in the context of a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.

Do you make vegan pies?

We don’t currently offer any vegan pies. 

Can you leave the alcohol out of a pie?

We can’t. When used, the alcohol functions as an integral flavor component. However, there are always pies on the menu that don’t contain alcohol.

How fast can I get a pie?

All pies have a 24-48 hour turnaround. Call our bakery for details at (504) 381-4953.

Do you use peanuts and tree nuts in your kitchen?

Yes. Even pies that don’t contain peanuts and tree nuts as an ingredient run the risk of cross-contamination.

Can I order a pie an out-of-season pie?

Sorry, we can’t bake a Blueberry Pie in November or an Apple Pie in July. One of our core values is utilizing seasonal produce, direct from the farmers when possible, when the flavors are at their peak.

What’s in your pie crust?

The best stuff. King Arthur flour, Plugra butter, Spectrum Organic palm shortening (sustainably harvested in Colombia), filtered water, and kosher salt.

What’s in your tart crust?

King Arthur flour, Plugra butter, Domino sugar, Happy Hen organic eggs, and pure vanilla extract.

What if I forgot to pick up my order?

If your order is not picked up at your selected time, we do our best to reach out to you via email, phone call, and text. We hold all orders for 48 hours. Since every order is made fresh at Windowsill Pies and has a very limited shelf life, after 48 hours we donate the order to a worthy organization so the pies do not go to waste.