We've received so many memorable compliments over the years that we've started writing them down. Whether it's a customer with extra-high standards for their pie crust who says we've wowed them, or one who says our pies remind her of how beautiful life can be, we are honored and inspired by hearing exactly how our pies and tarts bring happiness wherever they go.

In short, our customers' kind words keep us baking!

"The Pecan Pie is as good as the internet says!"

"We have not had coffee this good anywhere in town!"

When I was eating the Coconut, I felt like I was in a slow motion ad for Windowsill Pies -- I could even hear their music.

“If you haven’t tried their pies, they will change your life.”

“I only eat meat, but your pies get me to stop eating meat and eat pie instead.”

I told my Grandma that I found someone down here who actually makes better pies than her. And then she cried.

"I love pie. It's at the top of the food chain for a reason."

“I usually just scoop out the filling and leave the crust, but with yours I eat everything.”

“This pie is the truth.”

“Poetry in pie form.”

“When I pick up my pie, I always wish I would have ordered two.”

“Forget the main course, this is the place to be.”

“I’ve been baking since I was a little girl, and I’m from Atlanta, so I’m really critical of crusts. This crust is amazing.”

“The Dark Chocolate Tart with Earl Grey Caramel is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.”

“The passion fruit raspberry tart is one of the most divine pleasures that have ever touched my taste buds and soul! I highly recommend it, folks. It is poetry in pie form. Romantic, subtle, pretty, and delicate...but engulfs your being to linger...and makes you think about how beautiful life can be...and taste. You want one!!!!”

We were sold on the first bite!

...like a pie from a cartoon!

I don't cross Canal for much of anything anymore. But, I would for pie."

You can't be stressed in the presence of pie.

"I would drive thirty minutes for a Windowsill Pies quiche. I work from home but that's not in my kitchen!"

"Not to be dramatic, but that King Cake Hand Pie may be the best thing I've ever eaten."