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  • Remember, you can always come see what we have fresh in the case!!

  • We don't ship pies!

What to bring this holiday season

Show love, be the best guest, get invited back!

Southern styled, French inspired, New Orleans baked


  • "If you haven’t tried their pies, they will change your life."
  • "The Pecan Pie is as good as the internet says!"
  • "When I pick up my pie, I always wish I would have ordered two."
  • Hand pies.

  • Savory.

  • Espresso, coffee, & tea.

  • Pie by the slice.

  • Wine, beer, & mimosas.

Seasonal Catering Menu

New-ish: Gluten-Free

Call us at (504) 381-4953 to find out about what GF right now!

Meet the Gals!

Windowsill Pies is Nicole Eiden and Marielle Dupré. We believe every slice of pie is an opportunity to create and share a lasting memory with others.