Southern styled, French inspired, New Orleans baked

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Mardi Gras!

  • King Cake Hand Pies
  • King Cake Hand Pies

King Cake Hand Pies


House-made local strawberry jam plus super creamy cream cheese with a touch of balsamic & orange. Topped with citrus glaze & Mardi Gras sprinkles!

The scene: Endymion Parade, Orleans Ave - Day

A sea of people who've been camping out since Thursday. You need to get across Orleans to your friend's awesome house party. 

Endymion camper stops you, "Why you ain't sit-u-ated yet? The parade's done stawted."

You grin and say, "My friend's got the King Cake Hand Pies. Ya' heard."

Contains egg, milk, wheat

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NEW: Gluten-Free

  • GLUTEN-FREE Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie

GLUTEN-FREE Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie


Not made in a dedicated Gluten-Free kitchen.

One bite and you know you’re tasting history. The history of the land, the foodways, the people who went before. The South. Madagascar vanilla beans. Louisiana pecans. Local cane syrup and honey. Maker’s Mark. And a secret ingredient.

Meet the Gals!

Windowsill Pies is Nicole Eiden and Marielle Dupré. We believe every slice of pie is an opportunity to create and share a lasting memory with others.

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