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Pi Day!

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  1. Classic Chocolate Cream Pie
  2. Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pie
  3. Brandied Cherry Pie
  4. Lazy Strawberry & Cream Pie
  5. Dark Chocolate Tart with Earl Grey Caramel
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  6. 1 Dozen  2-inch Classic Chocolate Cream Pies
  7. 1 Dozen  2-inch Vanilla Bean Bourbon Pecan Pies
  8. Crawfish Boil Hand Pies
  9. 1 Dozen 2-inch Brandied Cherry Pies
  10. 1 Dozen  2-inch Lazy Strawberry Cream Pies
  11. 1 Dozen 2-inch Dark Chocolate Tarts with Earl Grey Caramel

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