COVID-19 Policy

When we envisioned the shop of our dreams, we pictured a lively, multi-generational gathering spot that spoke to the neighborhood and beyond. 

We imagined a glowing pastry case, full of every type of pie - sweet and savory, breakfast and dessert, full pies to take home for sharing and bite-size to snack on straightaway. 

Well, as we all know because we are all living it - it's still the pandemic.

The good news is that, despite COVID-19, we are persevering. Windowsill Pies - the bakery cafe - is OPEN!

Our pies cultivate and nurture friendships in the way that good food has for generations. While we still aspire to create a homey in-person retreat where people create and share lasting memories, we feel the safest service style right now is To-Go only.

We have chosen to begin by offering a stellar pared-down seasonal menu and build toward the full cafe menu, as planned.



Site Management

  • Windowsill Pies is currently To-Go only. Customers are welcome to enjoy pie at our sidewalk tables outside.
  • The restroom will remain unavailable to customers during our To-Go only phase.
  • Front door will kept open whenever possible to minimize the need to touch door handles and to promote air flow.
  • We ask customers utilize the complimentary hand sanitizing station upon entry. .
  • Employees should declare they are symptom-free when arriving for the day. If they have any symptoms, even mild symptoms, they must go home.
  • All employees will be wear a clean, non-medical mask each day.
  • Customers must wear a face covering at all times inside the cafe.

Physical Distancing

  • All employees are vaccinated!
  • Where possible, employees should work more than 6 feet apart

Personal Hygiene & Personal Protective Equipment

  • Restroom and hand sinks will have liquid soap, paper towels and warm running water at all times.
  • Workers must wash their hands at the start of their shift, before eating or drinking, after touching shared items (bulk scale, mixer, flour bins), after using the restroom and before leaving the cafe.
  • Workers must follow cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Workers must avoid touching their face without first cleaning their hands.


  • EPA approved sanitizer for food contact surfaces will be used on all tables and workstations.
  • EPA approved disinfectant will be used for all high-touch areas (e.g. cooler, freezer and regular door handles, faucets, bathrooms, hand-held tools, switches, control panels, scale, mixer etc.) regularly.

Return to Work Policies

  • If, while at work, an employee starts experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19, even if symptoms are mild, the employee will be asked to go home and quarantine. They will return to work only Negative COVID-19 test.
  • If an employee is Positive for COVID-19, Windowsill Pies will close for deep cleaning disinfecting.
  • A thermometer will be available on site. Anyone with a temperature over 99 5°F may have a fever and will be required to get a Negative COVID-19 test result before returning to work.